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Sunday May 25, 2014

Day 1 - Juice Journey

Enjoy your Sunday dinner today? Did cha? DID CHA? While you lot were tucking into the best feast of the week, my husband and I were slurping away at green, purple, orange and dodgy-coloured juice from 9am today. It’s amazing how many highs and lows you can experience in just one day...

Day 1 25/05/14

“80% mental, 20% physical”

When we woke today, the first thing Lotto said was that he’d dreamt of steak. We hadn’t even begun our juice fast and he was already dreaming of meat – I made a mental note that he would more than likely cave by the afternoon.

Day 1 is the biggest hurdle – your body is trying to simultaneously cope with hunger, cravings and any false stimulants are taken away (no more sugary tea and border biscuits when I’m feeling weak!) It’s definitely more of a mind challenge than anything else – and the extraction of simply chewing is a very strange thing to get used to. Although I often juice in the morning, by lunch time I’m ready to chow down on something satisfying.

I found day 1 relatively easy when it came to the juicing – we’d had a heavy weekend of eating and drinking so it was a welcome change to just have fresh fruits and vegetables all day. But I made the mistake of going on a 4k walk mid-afternoon – and like any good detox, on day 1 I hit a brick wall half way through the walk, got VERY tired, and got a VERY nasty headache – which is still with me and more than likely will be until I sleep it off tonight. I came home, juiced and went to bed feeling very sorry for myself for a couple of hours. I would have sold my soul for a cup of tea and slice of toast when the headache hit – it usually takes the edge of the pain and comforts me like no cold juice can! But alas, that is a craving, and it will pass. *sigh*.

We were a bit like passing ships today – even when we were watching our usual dose of Breaking Bad, our normal banter was somewhat absent. I was determined not to mention my own weaknesses, so the main chat that happened today came from Lotto (“I’m hungry”, “why did we start this on Sunday”, “I miss food”, “I don’t want any more juice” etc etc..) I think he is wondering what the hell he has gotten himself into!

Food diary:

9am: lemon and ginger tea

11:00: apple, pineapple, spinach, cucumber, celery, lime

12:30pm: pineapple, banana, natural yoghurt

3:00: Carrot, apple, ginger, lemon

3:30: Blackberry and rhubarb tea

5:30: Pear, pineapple and ginger

7:30: Blueberries, grapes and apple

Since we’re on day 1, I’ll try and briefly explain as to why the 7 day juice fast. I like to think I’m a fairly healthy person – I juice daily, take numerous multivitamins, work out regularly and make all of my meals from scratch. But on the other hand, I’m rather partial to a glass of wine, garlic bread and my most recent obsession – Border biscuits. On top of my hobby list is eating out in restaurants – it is literally one of my favourite things in the world because I bloody love food, wine and oh when the two go together – it’s a beautiful thing. But from time to time, things can run away from me, and I find myself having more of the bad than the good – I like to think of myself as a good example of healthy living Monday to Wednesday, but after that I roll rapidly downhill!

I’ve got a deadline looming, which is a rendezvous to Paris to join the throngs of people at the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre towards the end of June. But if someone handed me an all-expenses-paid offer to go next week I’d say no, because my body and mind aren’t where I want them to be. My headaches are crap, the waistline is too tight, my skin isn’t great and my energy levels wouldn’t rival a slug at the moment.

I need to reboot, recharge and revaluate.

Everyone is different in how they achieve this, but for me, I want to strip every toxin out of my body and start from scratch, hence, the 7 day juice cleanse – drinking only freshly extracted fruit and vegetables for 7 days. I’ve successfully completed a 3 day cleanse, but I felt like I was only just starting to experience the health benefits when I jumped off the fruit wagon and back onto the carb cart.

I’m dying to know, just how much can the body heal in just one week? Will I feel better, worse or just the same?


If Lotto off all week he can come and cook clean for Murdo and I'll join you :) I couldn't do it on my own and Murdo just wouldn't even try.

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