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Monday May 26, 2014

Day 2 - Juice Journey

First, I’ll start with the good news – myself and Lotto lost a combined 5 ½ pounds when we stepped on the scale today, after ONE DAY! It might be water retention but I’ll take it! (I lost 3, he lost 2 ½, just saying...)

Today was flipped on its head compared to yesterday, it was 80% physical and 20% mental instead of the other way round – I am officially in the detox phase, or in other words, I feel like I’ve been run over by a steam roller! I woke feeling not bad after a surprisingly good night’s sleep; yesterday’s migraine had eased into just a normal headache. Headaches are very normal for me, but these feel different – I’m light headed, my concentration is awful and my eye keeps twitching, so I won’t be winning any vitality contests today!

But I’m not hitting the panic button, because I know that it’s just all the crap coming out of my system. You name it, I’m withdrawing from it: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat... I randomly burst into a sweat at one point today! Not my finest day. And work was crazy busy, which was admittedly hard to keep up with, given that my head was in that condition.

Lotto woke feeling weak and light headed also, but once he had his first juice he started bouncing around the kitchen with his new found energy! I’m absolutely amazed that he has stuck to the plan so well, it’s not an easy feat and as he said yesterday, “this is the first time in 39 years that I haven’t eaten food!”

Food diary:

9:30am: Apple, pineapple, spinach, celery, lime, cucumber

11:30: Strawberry, raspberry, banana, natural yoghurt (smoothie)

12:45pm: Carrot, ginger, apple (put too much ginger in this one, so it was a ‘nose holding’ job!)

2:00: Banana & almond milk (smoothie)

4:00: Pear, ginger, pineapple

5:00: Butternut squash, red onion, carrot, garlic (homemade soup)

Drinks: x2 lemon & ginger tea, x1 mango & strawberry tea

I was definitely hungrier today, so felt I had to juice more regular. I had decided that my contingency plan would be to have a homemade soup if I felt I really needed it – well, today I needed it, because I had an article to write and two dogs to walk before sunset! Soup has never, and probably will never, taste as good as it did today. I felt like it settled my mind and my stomach – it was so nice having something warm other than herbal tea (which I’m already sick of!).

Although I want to fast forward to the feeling amazing part of this cleanse, I’m quite glad to be having the symptoms that I’m having, because it’s made me realise just how much rubbish I was piling into my body. And do you know what the other strange thing is? The only thing I’m craving is healthy food: cous cous, veggies, salads, oh, and my morning cuppa (because some things will never change...)


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