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Tuesday May 27, 2014

Day 3 - Juice Journey

Day 3 27/05/14

Again, the good news first! On our weigh in this morning, we had lost a combined 11 ½ pounds, in TWO DAYS! Our soup last night obviously wasn’t detrimental to our results. Although weight loss isn’t the main goal for this cleanse, it is certainly a welcome motivation to keep you going.

I woke up without a headache today, and I thought maybe, just MAYBE, I can go the day without taking a painkiller. Alas, two hours later, it hit, and I just cannot go about the day feeling like that. I really am hoping that the detox will help the blasted things. I went for a lovely massage and acupuncture with Lynda today – it eased my headache and totally chilled me out!

I wasn’t half as hungry today; I juiced when I felt peckish, but didn’t have that crazy hunger that I had the last two days, so my body is adjusting! My energy levels were so so, I definitely don’t have the energy ‘dips’ that I used to have, but just a general fatigue most of the day.

I had barely opened my eyes today when Lotto informed me he’d lost half a stone! I’m so chuffed for him, and it’s definitely given him an incentive to carry on with healthy eating. He is going to ease off the cleanse now and incorporate healthy meals in with his juices and soups. So I’m a lone ranger now!

Food Diary

10:30am: apple, pineapple, spinach, lime, celery, strawberries

12:30pm: melon, apple, nectarine, raspberries (can you tell I was grabbing random things to juice!)

2:15: carrot, apple, ginger, lemon

4:15: apple, raspberries, blueberries, grapes

7:15: BBQ – there is a good reason for this! See below...

So you’ll be thinking, a BBQ? How can you squeeze that in a juicer? Rank! Nah, this was good old southern and sticky barbeque food. It actually sounds terrible thrown in after my healthy few days... BUT! I do have a reason. At the last minute, when I realised that the sun had no plans of going down, I decided to arrange a barbeque for the family. My brother is moving to Australia in two days, and it is one of our favourite things to do as a family – sitting around the table, breaking bread and telling stories, and boy, am I going to miss that when he goes. So our last opportunity for that turned out to be tonight, because he has half the population of Stornoway to visit tomorrow. But I am most certainly back on the juices tomorrow for the whole day!

I have already decided to carry this on for longer than the week, but with adding in a healthy meal at night after the 7 days. Because (can’t believe I’m saying this) I LOVE IT!


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