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Hello and thank you for visiting Thewriterri!

So, I’ve had a bit more of a hiatus than I’d initially planned! I’m officially the queen of procrastination, as I’ve managed to keep myself SO busy over the last three years that I haven’t possibly had the time to write, well, a single thing. The writerri started out as a website to pull all of my articles from over the years together, with the intention of a bit of blogging on the side, as well as an entire section dedicated to fiction. HAH! I wrote three blogs and zero books, so that project was a spectacular failure.

Anyways, back to the present day. About two months ago my laptop broke (or just decided to do away with itself through lack of any stimulation other than Facebook) and I was hit with the horror that I couldn’t do my writing anymore! I suddenly wanted to write about EVERYTHING – so I took to rambling away on my emails and sending them back to myself; but as practical and sane as that sounds I realised that it just wouldn’t do, I needed something sensible. So here I am - shiny new PC, height adjustable chair, feet up, hot cup of coffee, being all ‘clickety-click’ and feeling fabulous about the whole prospect of this again.

I think part of the reason for abandoning the keyboard was through lack of knowing what to write about – you definitely need to find your market as a writer otherwise you find yourself pulled in different directions, thus making it impossible to secure consistent readers. When I wrote for Events magazine it was very clear to me the types of things I’d be writing about (beauty and health) but I exhausted that to death (even though I buzzed on it for the 5 years that I did it!)

So what am I going to write about asides make up and cellulite?

My twenties have been... eventful, shall we say. There’s a WEALTH of material to go on. And while I won’t be talking about my deepest darkest tales (I’m not that daft!) there’s things that I have experienced that I feel would be really therapeutic to talk about. Hopefully this will open up some conversations, and maybe even reach out to others who are going through similar things. I’ll never talk about anything that I haven’t experienced first hand myself.

For starters, I want to talk about mental health. I have so much I want to say about this, so much so it won’t be condensed into one article but several I’m guessing at this point.

Also, trying to negotiate your way through the head-fuck decade that is your twenties, including the quarter life crisis’s that we ALL have. Yes, you know you went through it too!

Finding out whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert – firstly knowing your personality, quirks and limitations; and then OWNING your personality, quirks and limitations.

And lastly - Relationships. Engagements. Marriage. Divorce. Being single. Dating. Relationships. Being single again. Tinder. Finding love. It’s all there. Again, so so much I want to say.

All in due course... I cannot wait to get started.

Terri x