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picture of Terri Thanks for visiting ‘Thewriterri’, the world’s slowest moving blog. ‘Thewriterri’ was my brainchild way back in 2014 – an intended hub for all of my articles, fictional stories & blogs. Asides from being a great copy and pasting exercise for my newspaper articles, it didn’t amount to much else. I’m one of those strange people who procrastinates over their most loved hobby – even house work takes precedence over my writing. Perhaps I just became a bit lazy on the approach to turning 30? Or maybe life just got in the way – yes, I’ll blame life; that doesn’t sound so bad.

To my huge surprise, there were still hundreds of page views coming in daily for this site. I’m curious whether it was the same people browsing the site over my 6-year hiatus – wondering maybe today will be the day that she updates something – anything?! I’M BACK! Thank you for your patience.

I write in a similar style to the blogs that I like to read, which are usually relatable, fun and most importantly not filtered. I sent my first blog out to a couple of my nearest and dearest a few days ago, to test the waters, and my mother’s response was one of alarm, “where… where is this going to go? You can’t publish that!” That, my darling mother, was precisely the reaction I was hoping for.

So, what can you expect from my writing? Well, from a blog perspective, there’s no getting around the fact that you’ll be learning more about me and my uterus than you’ll have bargained for, given that I’m 5 months pregnant and am finding it one big blogging opportunity. Asides from that, I do have a serious side, and there’s plenty other areas I hope to write about.

I plan on sharing some chapters from a book I’m writing at the moment – which tells the story of my best friend Sophie and I, growing up together in Lewis as children and then journeying through our turbulent teens; right up until our last moments together in our late twenties. Sophie lost her fight with the big C aged just 29 and I miss her terribly. She wasn’t just special to me – she had a profound effect on anyone who came into her company, even if it was just for a short while. I often picture her laughing and smiling away to herself over my shoulder, as I type emotively and at times hysterically into the night, putting our weird and wonderful stories into words.

Thanks for taking the time to read folks - I look forward to sharing many tales with you!

Terri x