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What do your nails say about you?

When something is awry in the body, it puts the wheels in motion to alert you that something isn’t quite right. Everything from the texture of our skin, the colour of our tongues and the condition of our nails can all be telling signs. Particularly fingernail or toenail abnormalities can point towards an underlying medical condition.[Read More]

Make up masterclass: Eyes

If the eyes are the window to our soul, then we had better make them look the best we can![Read More]

Make up masterclass: Contouring and blush

Long gone are the days where a lick of mascara and a splash of lipstick were considered a job well done in regards to make up – now it’s all about light reflecting, highlighting our best features and using the right colours to bring out our inner beauty.[Read More]

Make up masterclass: Base (Part 1)

I’m going to write a couple of articles on makeup so that if you’re starting out with makeup, or simply want to update your own makeup style, there’s hopefully something that everyone can take away.[Read More]

The summer holiday preparation guide

Before we go on our highly anticipated summer holiday, we harbour a few fantasies of what our blissful week in the sun will look like from afar – sun kissed skin, perfectly manicured hands and feet, flat stomach and no hairs in sight (apart from on our brows and head!).[Read More]

Skin deep: the hidden layers behind skin problems

Years ago, I would treat and give advice on skin based purely on a person’s skincare routine and product knowledge. I used to skim over topics such as diet, stress and hormones; after all, what real difference would they make to skin? A huge difference, it transpires![Read More]

Bits and Bobs Abroad

The captain has switched off the seat-belt sign. The plane is cruising at 30,000ft, high above the Portuguese coast. And the biggest predicament in your life? Whether to have the Pinot Grigio, the Cabernet Sauvignon, or both. That is, of course, until you have your very own Home Alone moment – but instead of shouting “KEVIN!” at the top of your lungs, a whole host of beauty goodies that you’ve forgotten come to mind – and you know it will cost you double the price to invest in these holiday godsends on the other side of the pond. [Read More]

Tension headaches: causes and cures

It makes me roar with laughter when either my husband, or brother, have a headache. I know men can be the butt of many jokes when it comes to their ailments, but let’s be honest: they don’t exactly help themselves and the ‘man flu’ stereotype that is cast upon them.[Read More]

Top 10 timeless beauty products

Every day, hundreds of new beauty products hit the shelves claiming wonderful, miraculous results; some are successful, others fall of the radar after a few months of dismal sales. Every manufacturers dream is for one of their products to hit the best sellers list, and stay there. How does any cosmetic make the cut when we are becoming more reluctant to part with our hard earned cash?[Read More]

Are you tired of having no energy?

The best way to up your energy levels is to first of all realise where your lack of energy is coming from, and once you discover where the problem lies there are plenty things you can do to resolve the energy dip. If ongoing fatigue isn’t fixed then your everyday life will eventually be affected as well as leaving your body vulnerable to illness and infection.[Read More]

When beauty goes wrong...

I’m curious what springs to mind when I put the following phrases to you: Patchy tan. Brittle nails. Problematic skin. Unnatural make up. Forget the curiosity; beauty gone wrong is more than likely your first line of thought! These issues are all things that can be avoided, not only by being pro active and doing certain things, but also by not doing certain things.[Read More]

Fight off the cold snap this winter!

Although it’s quite nice to think of nights by the fire with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate, it’s not so nice to think of days spent with tissues attached to our noses and Lemsips on a constant drip down our raspy throats (I am one such victim at the moment and feeling oh-so-sorry-for-myself!) Although it can be inevitable that we will succumb to the one of the 200 cold viruses that does the rounds on our islands, there are a few ways that we can put up a good fight against this habitual winter illness.[Read More]

How to prevent and treat spots and acne

I’ll never forget someone saying to me once, “Who’s your friend?”  After looking behind my back and to the side of me like a total idiot it dawned on me - they were referring to my spot![Read More]

The truth about cellulite

‘The orange peel’ effect has got to be one of the most derogatory terms attached to the modern day woman; ‘the cottage cheese’ effect is a very worthy runner-up.[Read More]

How to find the perfect skincare routine for you

Your skin is one of the most essential parts of your body to look after: yes, that means more important than obsessing about your hair and nails! Both your hair and nails are dead, whereas your skin is the largest breathing organ in the body and is very much alive and needs looking after.[Read More]