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You are what you eat: The relationship between food and healthy skin

I’ve spent years focusing and practising what goes onto a person’s skin; as opposed to what goes into a person’s skin.[Read More]

The Power of Yoga

Daily stresses, aches and pains plus our inability to relax our restless minds are some of the greatest obstacles that stand in the way from us achieving happiness, good health and general well-being.[Read More]

Juicing: the perfect way to start your day

Sometimes, it takes me all my effort to try and be healthy.[Read More]

Exercise to save your life!

What does it mean to be ‘fit’?[Read More]

Detox - all year round!

Eat! Drink! Be merry! Calorie counting? Pah! Have 3 for 2 on all Tesco party food! That’s the general attitude in December, right?[Read More]

Beat the Bloat

Are you still struggling to close your normally loose fitting jeans after your mammoth Christmas and New Year’s Day scoff?[Read More]

Toxins: Kicking the habit - part 4

For the last in the series I’m covering salt and caffeine – if you’re not a salt addict chances are you’re hooked on caffeine – because us folk in the Western Isle are rather partial to a cuppa, aren’t we?[Read More]

Toxins: Kicking the habit Part 3

Fats to me are a bit of a mine field: Trans fats, saturated fats, good fats, bad fats, which is which? We do need fats in our diets, and some of them are very good for us, and some of them are seriously bad![Read More]

Toxins: Kicking the habit - part 2

I’ll be talking about one of my favourite things: sugar.[Read More]

Toxins: Kicking the habit

What springs to your mind when you hear the word ‘toxic’? Warning signs? Chemicals? How about things that we put in our bodies every day?[Read More]