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Travel on the path to perspective in 2015

By definition, perspective is described as, “a true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion.” We will all encounter difficulties every so often. It’s how we deal with these difficulties which set us apart from each other. Do you blow things out of proportion regularly? Is your glass half empty, instead of half full? Do you indulge negative thoughts instead of looking at the positive in a situation?[Read More]

Hidden illnesses: "But you don't look sick!"

Fortunately, this is not a life threatening illness. It can affect quality of life quite significantly, and although there is no cure, there are many lifestyle changes that can be implemented to help.[Read More]

How to cope with, and move on from adversity

By definition it simply means “a difficult or unpleasant situation.” Therefore the spectrum it covers goes on for miles: it’s the child whose being bullied in school, it’s the friend who has been diagnosed with cancer, it’s the girl or boy that broke your heart, it’s the loss of an income, and it’s the passing of a loved one.[Read More]

Goodbye summer, hello Autumn

It was the perfect Autumn day: crisp, clean and suggestive of warm nights by the fire ahead. Yes, I like Autumn (or “fall” as the American’s say). The expectation of summer has passed: no more panicking about fitting into that bikini and no more attempts to keep the kids endlessly entertained! Instead it’s a time to wind down from the hectic summer and a great opportunity to take some time to ourselves.[Read More]

The perfect Christmas!

But how did it end up like this again? After all the careful plotting and planning, you want to hit the fast forward button to Boxing Day for a marathon date with your TV. Sometimes, we can plan, and plan, and plan, but something still goes amok.[Read More]

Getting ready for your Christmas party!

Wanting to look and feel amazing for your Christmas party this year? Well, look no further, it’s the little black dress diet! Loose a stone before Christmas and feel fabulous!!!

Blah. Blah. Blah. Haven’t we heard this a thousand times? From my perspective this is the WORST possible time of year to diet (I know, there’s never a good time) But does that mean we’re all going have to settle with being frumpy grumps when Santa comes a’ knocking? It certainly does not. There are so many ways out there to make yourself feel and look good without hitting the treadmill at intensity 13 at the gym (how these people don’t go flying off at that speed I’ll never know.)

[Read More]

Overcoming Anxiety

It can be difficult to acknowledge when we’re anxious because the majority of us lead busy, demanding lives and are probably in a semi-permanent state of anxiety most of the time! Acknowledging that we are not invincible is paramount.

[Read More]

Sort your stress!

Too much work; too little sleep; too much worry; too little time: ahh, the stress see-saw. This tends to equal one very touchy and albeit frightening individual! Every one of us experiences stress at different times of our lives.[Read More]

Beat the winter Blues

With the colder weather coming in and our bums firmly planted on our settees now that X factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Desperate Housewives are back on our screens our fitness levels plummet to a measly walk from the couch to the cupboards, to retrieve chocolate and crisps and ignore the mouldy tangerines and bananas gathering bacteria in the fruit bowl - and so the vicious cycle goes on and on...[Read More]

Be the best that you can be in 2013

On the countdown to January 1st we look back at the demons and misgivings of the year that has just passed - and look towards the New Year bursting at the seams with motivation and optimism, vehemently vowing to be a bigger and better version of ourselves (the ‘bigger’ part not being literal seen as losing weight is the most popular resolution of choice!).[Read More]