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(the following article was written as a blog for travel company 'Home and Away')

The captain has switched off the seat-belt sign. The plane is cruising at 30,000ft, high above the Portuguese coast. And the biggest predicament in your life? Whether to have the Pinot Grigio, the Cabernet Sauvignon, or both. That is, of course, until you have your very own Home Alone moment – but instead of shouting “KEVIN!” at the top of your lungs, a whole host of beauty goodies that you’ve forgotten come to mind – and you know it will cost you double the price to invest in these holiday godsends on the other side of the pond. 

Given that we aren’t exactly equipped on a daily basis for a week by the beach in blissfully hot temperatures, I think we can be forgiven for our somewhat uneducated method of packing. One bottle of sun cream; one pair of flip flops that cut into our toes; one too-large-hat-that-we’ll-never wear again: these do not suffice for a job well done in the packing world. 

But fear not, beautiful holidaymakers – I’ve devised your top six go-to items that should be mandatory in your suitcase. Asides from this, and your passport, everything else is just filler.

Suncream: P20 sun protection

This little gem of a sun protector is a staple product for your holiday in, well, the sun. It offers ten-hour sun protection (no, really – it does!), is non-greasy and fragrance free – so no more walking around smelling like a beach bag. It is slightly pricier than your usual, brand sun factors, but lasts for much longer. Time to bring on the bronze.

Price: £10-£15 

Where to get it: Boots, Amazon.

Mascara: Maxfactor waterproof mascara

Panda eyes at the pool are never a good look – so it’s a must to invest in smudge-proof mascara. Maxfactor 2000 calorie waterproof mascara has never failed me when applying on teary brides, so it should stand the test of time poolside (even if you do have that 'we’ll-never-argue-when-we're-on-holiday' argument...).

Price: £6-8 

After-skin: Banana Boat aloe vera gel

Even though we go away vehemently saying that we are NOT going to get sun burnt, chances are we’ll catch those rays a bit too much on the old nose and shoulders. My personal favourite after-sun product is Banana Boat aloe vera gel – the cool solution gives instant relief from the hot sensation, while the moisturising aloe vera works through the night to heal and repair the skin. 

Price: £5 

Where to get it:

Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear

A mixture of sun-tan lotion and temperatures we’re not accustomed to don’t bode well for us Brits and our complexions. To combat this, we need some serious coverage for our night time selfies – look no further than this best-selling foundation. It wears for up to 24 hours, covers the darkest circles and the nastiest spots, and helps stop that ‘shiny people’ look R.E.M sang about. We’ll just take the ‘happy’ bit thanks.

Price: £28 

Where to get it: Debenhams 

Deodorant: Perspire X antiperspirant

Whether you’re sitting by the pool, splashing at a water park or simply strolling around the outskirts of your new holiday home, there is no getting away from sweat. And if you’re not used to it, you’ll feel quite conscious of it. But instead of doing a celebrity and having botox injected into your armpits (ouch!), go for a less invasive option and apply some Perspire X under your arms over night. This roll-on antiperspirant closes off the sweat glands effectively for up to five days. 

Price: £7

Where to get it: Boots. 

Medicine: Imodium

If you’re going to remember one thing from this list, for the love of God, do not go abroad without Imodium in your toilet bag. I learned this the hard way while on honeymoon; I had to describe to a nurse – in fine detail – the results of my bad stomach whilst my new husband looked on in horror... Yup. Anyway, there is no predicting how your stomach will react to the new and diverse foods on offer, so have a strip close by at all times – just in case.

Price: £4

Where to get it: any chemist. 

Oh, and one more thing you must take in your suitcase – me!

No? Well, worth a try! I’ll just have to settle for a fridge magnet. 

Happy holidays!


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