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Perfecting your make up

Creating that effortless made up look can take years of practise; each and every one of us women at some point experience the blotchy look/the orange jaw line look/the explosion of ghastly colours that suit no one but the Macdonald’s clown look!

A difficult thing to determine is what sort of makeup application should be done for the day, the evening and a special occasion: have you ever walked down Cromwell Street in the morning with a sparkly/glittery/heavy black kohl eyed concoction coming towards you, all the while thinking ‘that make up shouldn’t be let out before at least 9pm!’

Another potentially hazardous aspect to make up is using the correct textures and tones for your age – for example a pronounced smokey eyed effect will be one twenty year olds answer to having the ‘waw’ factor on a night out in comparison to being a complete no no for someone older with drier eyes, resulting in making the person look and feel 10 years older than they actually are, and we don’t want that!

Make up for Day, Evening and Special Occasions

Day make up should be light and durable. Finding the perfect foundation, concealer and powder is your key to a makeup that lasts from the morning till you get home from work without it sliding off and making you look like you’ve been on a heavy night out as opposed to working a day in the office! Long lasting foundations are Estee Lauder Double wear, Chanel sheer Illuminating base and Mac Studio Fix Fluid.
Long lasting concealers are Benefit - Erase paste, Jane Iredale - Disappear and the best selling cosmetic item of all time Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat!
Once you’ve applied the necessary base then a good setting powder is required to set your foundation and boost your complexion. Recommended powders are Jane Iredale – Mineral Pressed powder, Bare minerals loose powder and Virgin V compressed powder.

Evening make up tends to be more glam and heavy. If you’re out dancing the night away then the makeup needs to be thicker to ensure it doesn’t evaporate into thin air! Some easy ideas for creating this effect are shading on the eyes and framing them with the appropriate colour of eye liner. To create the ‘smokey eyes’ effect you need 3 shades of eye shadow – I personally love the body shop eye shimmer 4 shade cubes. Use the lightest shade towards the inner eye, followed by the medium colour around the eye socket followed by the darkest shade to add intensity to the outer corner. If you’re feeling adventurous draw out the line of the outer corner followed by a French flick of eyeliner – this looks fabulous in photos! A brilliant eye liner for precision and lasting colour is Boots 17 soft Jet eye pen. In terms of mascara Maxfactor 2000 calories, Christian Dior Parfait and Mac Zoom Lash mascara are great for volume and lasting. Moisturising lip glosses really emphasis an evening look – I personally love L‘Oreal Paris Glam shine!

Makeup for special occasions is a must for that up and coming wedding; job interview; friend’s dinner or that greatly anticipated date! The makeup should complement the chosen outfit. Special occasion make up tends to be different to our every day make up and even our evening make up – as you want to look and feel different on that special day. This is a good opportunity to experiment with glitter eyeliners, false eyelashes and stand out lipsticks – as on every special occasion there will be plenty photos taken! The makeup needs to be more dramatic and vibrant to come across in photographs. I love the Barry M glitter eyeliners as well as Urban Decay’s striking eye colours! Girls aloud have also entered the makeup world with a bang, introducing their stunning false eyelashes collection.

If your skin is more on the mature side then opt for light reflecting foundations such as Elizabeth Arden Intervene. This type of foundation will ensure your skin looks luminous while softening the appearance of fine lines. A light powder will be sufficient for coverage and a cream blush on the cheeks will add moisture and longer lasting colour. Creams, whites, pale pinks or sand shades are suitable for the eyes, while a lick of light mascara will frame the eyes. Apply a neutral colour of lip liner to prevent your lipstick ‘bleeding’ and apply your chosen shade with a lip brush for precise coverage. Lovely lipsticks are Maybelline, Estee lauder and Chanel – who have recently launched a gorgeous shade called Rouge Coco!

Once you’ve grasped the techniques and products to use for different occasions you have to watch out for matching up to your natural eye, complexion and hair colour - there are many do’s as well as don’ts for this!

Brunettes can achieve many bold different looks on the eyes using a variety of shades such as gold, bronze, mochas, emerald green, purples and plums. Liquid eyeliner will add definition and make the eyes look bigger, but during the day a thinner line should be drawn to avoid spoiling your day look. Bronzer and deep plum blushers are gorgeous on the cheeks, where as shimmery pastel shades may leave you looking washed out. Gold, deep plum or red lips are the most suitable lip shades. Brunettes should at all costs avoid pale, frosty pink colours as well as orange/pink tones such as coral. Blue isn’t generally a colour that I’d match with brown hair unless it’s more on the turquoise/teal tone.

Blondes should opt for more softer and nude tones for during the day. Violets, lilacs, pinks, light browns and smokey greys look lovely on blondes. Black is also a very striking colour for blondes, and teamed up with thick eyeliner and mascara will give a very celeb look for a night out! Pink or peach blush compliments this hair colour while a sheer pink on the lips will finish off the look. Blondes should avoid earthy colours such as greens and dark browns.

Redheads look most striking with greens and coppers on the eyes. Brown mascara should be worn to avoid contrasting the colours too much, and a shimmery bronzer will define cheekbones and boost the complexion. Pink and nude lip glosses are the best colours to apply to the lips.  

Makeup has effectively revolutionised the way women feel about themselves. As American model Tyra Banks once said, “I love the confidence that make up gives me.”

I couldn’t agree more. Applying make up neatly and with the correct colours will even skin tone, boost complexion and leave you feeling like a better version of yourself!


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