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Wednesday Nov 04, 2020

Pregnancy: the good, the bad and the downright ugly

Saying goodbye to my entire wardrobe, early pregnancy, food aversions/cravings, a compromised bladder, heartburn, SPD, the ever-vanishing bank balance,  and worst of all - no alcohol to soften the blow of all of the above! [Read More]

Wednesday Oct 28, 2020

Finding my maternal instinct... after 30 years

When I announced my pregnancy to my family and friends there were shrieks, Covid air-hugs and well-wishes galore – and admittedly, there were also a few court-room gasps. I took on board the slightly wary tones and expressions non-offensively – because I’m the first to admit – I didn’t used to be great with kids. [Read More]

Wednesday Oct 07, 2020

Pregnancy week 6 - an unfortunate trip to A and E

I’ve a bad habit of romanticising, well, the majority of things in life: from holidays, to days out, right down to watching a film with my other half (“STOP TALKING TOM YOU’RE RUINING THE NOTEBOOK. AGAIN!”) I call it a bad habit, because having too many romantic notions in life (as lovely as the daydreams are) can find you on your arse wondering what the hell went wrong with the fantasy, and more than dissatisfied with the reality. I decided to approach pregnancy with a slightly broader vision – I’d spoken to enough pregnant women in my time to know that it’s often not a bed of roses, despite what the films try and tell us.[Read More]

Saturday Oct 03, 2020

The great burglary of 1998

It was the summer of 1998, and in front of us through the glass patio doors was a rare sight to behold – a dark blue sky, overlooked by a big, fat sun. It wasn’t a trick of the mind or a mirage; today was a proper summers day. And the possibilities of a sunny day in Lewis were endless. I burst open the door and we tentatively walked onto the patio in our bare feet – it was warm underfoot, or hot even. It felt almost dreamy.

I often wonder if it had been gloomy and wet, would we have got into so much trouble that day? Or perhaps it was the high sugar breakfast that set the tone for the mischief that was to follow? I suspect that it was very probably a combination of the two. That, and our undeniable influence on each other.

[Read More]

Pregnancy: Baby-brain

Baby brain. Not just a myth, it turns out. Or brain mush, as I’ve come to call it less affectionately. It was something that I’d been looking forward to in pregnancy; given that I’d be able to cover myself on all bases for my scatty and clumsy ways: “Oh, sorry I forgot to pay you, baby-brain.” Or, “I know I haven’t replied to your text message, it’s because, well, y’know – baby-brain.” Or shattering yet another glass all over the kitchen floor and being able to say, “You can’t mock me Tom, it’s my baby-brain!” I just assumed it was something women said, not that it was an actual thing. IT’S TOTALLY A THING.[Read More]